Norwex Chicken Juice Demo

The Secret to Streak Free Window Cleaning -

NO Paper Towels, NO Spray Cleaners, NO Newspaper!

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  • My name is Maura White and I'm an independent Norwex sales consultant.  I have 2 daughters (ages 4 & 8) and am a WAHM.
  • I'm also a former high school science teacher and the biggest skeptic when it comes to the usefulness of products, such as the ones Norwex has to offer.  I watched someone else do the demo I showed you in the above video.  When I watched it, my jaw just dropped and I didn't really believe it.  Then, being a science teacher at heart, I needed to experiment myself.  When I got my hands on an EnviroCloth, I too compared cleaners, and got the exact same results.
  • Cleaning around my home using Norwex products has been so much easier and faster.  I'm a tired mom just like you who wants to know all of the tips and tricks to simplify my daily chores so that I can spend more time enjoying my kids.  This is why I'm sharing this with you today - because Norwex is one of those "Mom Secrets" that I want everyone to know about!
  • Removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following proper use and care
  • Contains BacLock® an antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only
  • Helps eliminate the need for paper towels and chemical laden cleaners
  • Significantly reduces the use of costly cleaning products
  • Ultra-thick and absorbent to pick-up and hold more dust, dirt and debris than other cleaning cloths
  • Holds several times its weight in water
  • Made of more than 10 million feet of microfiber for more effective cleaning power

What Makes Norwex Microfiber So Special?

Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase Your Basic Package Today...

  • Norwex Bac-Lock

    Look for the BacLock® logo to identify products that contain an antibacterial agent for self-cleaning purposes only. The agent is solely designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold and/or mildew growth within the product.

  • The Ability To Clean Without Using Harmful Chemicals

    With the Norwex Microfiber System, you will not breathe, touch, or ingest chemicals—you simply create a cleaner healthier indoor environment.  Significantly reduces the use of costly cleaning products, therefore saving you and your family more money.  This means you can say goodbye to bad smelling window spray cleaners!!

  • Access To VIP Norwex Facebook Group

    I’ll offer discounts, sales, and surprise hostess rewards only with my VIP customers in this exclusive group.  Make your purchase today and you’ll be able to join and be the first to know when Norwex is offering a Flash Sale!

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarentee

    Norwex backs its quality commitment with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We will refund, replace or exchange any products that are not to your complete satisfaction within 60 days of purchase.

  • Earn FREE Norwex Products!

    Connect with me about hosting your own Facebook Norwex party, and you can earn $100’s worth of free products, including the highly sought after Norwex Mop System!

Click Here to Get Your Own EnviroCloth & Window Polishing Cloth SetYES! I'm Ready to Clean With Just Water



norwex chicken juice demo
norwex chicken juice demo
norwex chicken juice demo